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Prescription-Based Weight Loss for a Healthier, Happier You

How much does it cost?

Answer: The Hy-Tech system isn't free, but it's affordable. We are a fraction of the cost of a Jenny Craig® or Nutri-System® program. Also, unlike other programs, the Hy-Tech Weight Loss system is all-inclusive! There are no special foods or supplements to purchase.

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Is it permanent?

Answer: Our program is designed to accomplish two goals:

  • Very fast and significant weight loss to avoid the frustration an eventual abandonment of your diet. AND...
  • Providing a learning path to moderation in your new body after the initial diet is completed in order to make the weight loss permanent. For no one can (or should) be on a diet 24/7, 365 days a year.

I see you have a licensed physician. Is Hy-Tech covered by my insurance?

Answer: Generally, the Hy-Tech Weight Loss program is not covered by your health insurance policy. However, it is almost always covered by your HSA, flex, and/or cafeteria plans.

Is it safe?

Answer: The prescription used in the Hy-Tech Weight Loss program was initially provided back in 1955! In fact, the medicine prescribed is already present in your body in very small amounts. 

Are there side effects?

Answer: Occasionally, for some patients, there are some minor side effects, but when they occur, they are temporary and generally insignificant. Your counselor will review the possible side effects with you in your consultation.

Realistically, how much weight can I expect to lose?

The average Hy-Tech Weight Loss patient loses 30 pounds in four weeks. Men lose weight faster than women. If you are 50 pounds or more overweight, you can expect to lose more weight faster than the average patient. If you need to lose more than 50 lbs., most likely it will take longer to be height/weight proportionate. Your counselor will explain how and why in your free consultation.

Since 2004, physician-directed Hy-Tech Weight loss has helped thousands of patients with safe, rapid, permanent weight loss. Unlike the "gimmick" weight loss supplements and diets you see on the web and TV, Hy-Tech provides a medically directed, prescription-based weight loss program that truly gets 30, 40, even 50 pounds off in just weeks! When you join Hy-Tech Weight Loss, our licensed physician medical director provides a one-on-one, private consultation that gets you started on a rapid weight loss program that melts the pounds away fast!

There's no special food to buy and no invasive surgeries. It's common for Hy-Tech patients to lose 10 to 15 pounds in the first week, and best of all, you won't be hungry! But the first phase rapid weight loss is only the beginning! Once you lose those initial pounds, then we begin the program that keeps them off forever! You can still eat pizza and ice cream and maintain height and weight proportion. Our goal for each and every patient is permanent weight loss! Hy-Tech weight loss is your local, permanent weight-loss solution. It's safe! It's fast! It's permanent and it's affordable!