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Prescription-Based Weight Loss for a Healthier, Happier You

How much does it cost?

To begin: We DO NOT sell expensive, useless supplements. Our programs are ‘all inclusive,’ including your prescription and there are NO EXTRA HIDDEN FEES.

While you will still consume calories (though you may not be hungry), virtually all of your food will come from your grocery store.

You will also discover that the Hy-Tech Weight Loss programs generally cost less than other weight loss packages which are ‘ongoing, never-ending’ expensive offerings.

The best answer we can honestly give is: “The cost varies.” It depends on several conditions as listed below:

1. How much weight do you want/need to lose?
2. Which medication you choose/need?
3. Do you have an HSA or FLEX/Cafeteria plan?

Hy-Tech accepts all major credit cards, Care Credit, HSA, FLEX, cash and checks.

You can set up a “Free” private consultation with our specialist on this web-site OR call 402-453-5673 (LOSE) and they will happily go through all cost details.


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I see you have a licensed physician. Is Hy-Tech covered by my insurance?

Answer: Generally, the Hy-Tech Weight Loss program is not covered by your health insurance policy. However, it is almost always covered by your HSA, flex, and/or cafeteria plans .

Is it permanent?

Answer: While the new, "miracle" weight loss drugs advise that 'The moment you stop taking our medications, you will regain weight.' Meaning, in order to keep the weight off you will have to take these drugs for the rest of your life; the Hy-Tech Weight Loss system generally eliminates the need to take these drugs for more than one or possibly two treatment regimens. Our painless, medical computer processor testing system will analyze your personal 'zone' for you. You will know exactly what calories you can safely consume to make sure your weight loss is permanent, eliminating the expense and ongoing need to take these medications for the rest of your life.

Is it safe?

Answer: The FDA has approved the new ‘miracle’ weight loss prescrption medicines as generally safe, but almost all come with side effects for ‘some’ individuals.

There have also been reports of more serious side effects for ‘some’ individuals of (Ozempic) which have caused the FDA to require additional labeling on the medication.

Hy-Tech also provides other medications that, while not approved specifically for weight loss, have a safety record of over 60 years and are proven to suppress appetite with much fewer side effects, and in coordination with the proprietary Hy-Tech program, provide very rapid and substantial weight loss.

Are there side effects?

Answer: Occasionally, for some patients, there are some minor side effects, but when they occur, they are temporary and generally insignificant. Your counselor will review the possible side effects with you in your consultation.

How Are you different from my other weight loss options?

First, Hy-Tech is not just a pill or an injection. It is a program devised for permanent weight loss.

Though all of the new ‘miracle’ weight loss medications are available here at Hy-Tech, their own accompanying literature will tell you the moment you stop taking their medications you will immediately start to regain the weight! So, you are destined to take and pay for these medications for the rest of your life or regain your weight loss.

The Hy-Tech Weight Loss program may temporarily utilize one or more of these new medications but at the same time, we employ medical computers that analyze exactly who you are physically and provide you a ‘zone’ of calorie intake that prevents regaining your lost weight. In the event you do gain weight, we have proven ‘reset’ methods to immediately lose the couple of pounds you may have gained while attending a public function like a wedding, class reunion or holiday meal.

Finally, while the Hy-Tech Weight Loss program is without exception the fastest and safest program on the market today.  Our average patient loses 30 pounds in approximately 4 weeks.

Realistically, how much weight can I expect to lose?

The average Hy-Tech Weight Loss patient loses 30 pounds in 4 weeks. However, you may lose more or less depending on a variety of factors.

For instance: Men lose weight faster than women. If you are more than 50 lbs. overweight, you may lose it much fast than the person who needs to lose just 20 or 30 lbs

Also, there are multiple programs available with Hy-Tech. Some use the new “miracle” weight loss medications called Semaglutides. If you choose these in collaboration with our rapid weight loss program, it’s possible you may not lose weight as rapidly.

Your counselor will explain how and why in your free consultation.

Hy-Tech has been in business for 18 years. We have helped thousands of patients with safe, rapid, weight loss without purchasing expensive ‘do nothing’ supplements and gimmick ‘online’ weight loss products.

In any event, you can expect to lose considerable weight permanently with any of our Hy-Tech Weight Loss programs.